I never knew I could be this happy - My little family 

I never knew I could be this happy - My little family 

Who's this Chic?

Wedding Paper Chic is a boutique design studio located in Prahran, Melbourne. 

We are a family owned bespoke stationery business specialising in design, digital print, foil and letterpress. All techniques are done in-house and we work closely with our customers to create stationery that is perfect for their special event. Showroom appointments can be made to view all our samples and discuss your event in more detail, for information on this please check the contact page.

A little bit about the owner and creative director Cveta Demos:

If you ask those close to me, They will tell you I have always been driven to succeed - I am a creative soul and it is safe to say I am obsessed with weddings! I love the fact that I am meeting couples at the happiest moment in their lives, and I understand that with all the happiness comes the emotion and stress of planning the biggest event of your life. Only having just been married in 2013, I can relate to the journey my clients are embarking on and love hearing all about their future plans.

Our team is small - just me and Kate (my full time graphic designer). We both share the load of design and print work and we keep most things in house - specialising in foil and digital print.

After recently having my first child, baby Thomas George (or Tommy as we prefer to call him) the work life balance has been a little challenging - but rest assured - our clients are always looked after and my transition into working-motherhood has well and truly begun.

Our business continues to grow and we are always looking at ways to expand. My dream is to become the biggest bespoke stationery boutique in Australia. We are always looking to expand our team with the right people - so if you think you can bring something unique to Wedding Paper Chic - we are always interested in hearing from you.

Creating beautiful artwork is not just our job, it is our life!